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ManCave Milwaukee Grooming Bar provides an upscale experience in Downtown Milwaukee.  We recognize that many men work with their hands or are on their feet most of the day, and it is a necessity in taking care of yourself in that manner.  We see the value in that!

Our business looks to change the culture in the way men groom themselves.  We offer specialized spa services to upscale and professional men in an exclusive setting.   Our licensed barbers provide the ultimate grooming experience  in a private and exclusive setting.

The sports lounge portion of the “ManCave” will give individuals the opportunity to sit back, relax, talk sports while viewing the latest sporting events, fights, etc.  We aim to bring the “ManCave” experience from home, and implement that culture throughout the community, and in our shop.  Our job is to create a safe and comfortable place for men to groom themselves naturally. Although our shop was designed and created for men, women are ALWAYS welcome to enjoy, and indulge in what we offer.

A Message From
Our Founder

We understand that barbershops are more than just grooming stations.  It’s a place where relationships and friendships are cultivated, a place where opinions and ideas are shared, bonds are created, and most importantly, it’s an outlet to where some of our most sacred life experiences are discussed. Mental health is REAL, and here at ManCave Milwaukee our staff is trained to help identify when help is needed, and provide information to those in need.

ManCave Milwaukee is not just a barbershop.  It’s a social gathering place for all to come and get well groomed for the weekend or wine down throughout the week.  We offer a wide variety of grooming services, the ability to play pool while you wait or step back into our speakeasy lounge and have a cocktail.  The lounge is also open independently for happy hour, special events, private events or for your weekend pleasure.  We see the value in excellence, relaxation, conversation, and comfortability all while ensuring that you have a premier upscale experience.


ManCave Milwaukee was created by me, but definitely designed for you all.


I welcome you all to experience ManCave Milwaukee, where we put the BAR in BARbershop!


-Jeffrey Taylor







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